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Leaks Can Be Deceptive, Know The Signs
Four Signs Of Leaks You Might Not Know
High Indoor Humidity:
Do Your Windows Condensate Inside?
This can be sign of high indoor humidity, humidity is water vapor, and that water had to come from somewhere. If you notice this phenomenon occurring in your home, be sure to have sources of leaks checked out. If left unchecked these levels of humidity can cause toxic mold, deterioration of paint, and rot in wooden surfaces.
Damp Smell/Sticky Feeling Basement:
Water Seeks The Lowest Point
Water always obeys the laws of gravity, seeking the lowest possible point. Which for most of us is our basement. A matter made more complicated by the prevalence of finished basements, whereby water can seep down behind framed walls and soak into carpets and flooring, this kind of leak can be nearly invisible to the eye, causing thousands in damage before appearing visually.
Buckling Shingles / Soft Spots:
Does Your Roof Do The Wave?
A roof that has a wavy or sunken appearance is a surefire sign that the plywood decking below the shingle is compromised. Decking expands or sags (depending on the makeup of the plywood) when it meets water. The decking can be damaged if your roofing materials become compromised via wind, hail, age, or physical impact. If damage occurs, water will find its way through to the decking, causing buckling or swelling. Another way that your decking may be compromised is due to a lack of ventilation. Warm humid air may become trapped in the attic, causing saturation of the decking.
Spots On The Ceiling Or Walls:
A Classic Sign
Everybody knows that spots on the ceiling mean leaks. But did you also know that if left untreated, these spots can grow toxic mold? Did you also know that these spots are at risk for collapse? Drywall is made of a water-soluble mineral, as such drywall loses most of its structural integrity when it meets water. Water logged drywall can fall down leading to an expensive and time-consuming cleanup of sludge. Before attempting to repair the drywall, ensure that the leak is repaired.
What To Do If You See Warning Signs:
Have It Inspected
Prevent the costly interior repairs. The National Roofing Contractors Association, recommends that you have your roof inspected by a trained inspector twice a year. ComfortEagle offers this service at no cost, its all part of our Comfort. Quality. Protection. commitment. Don't wait for the spots to appear on your ceiling to have your roof inspected, Schedule A Convenient Appointment Today.